~Earth- and human-friendly scientific technology ~

Department of the micro-nano system engineering is expanded from the world first department of micro-system engineering established in Nagoya University

Innovations of the science and technology thanks to the invention of the computer technology, lead to the advanced industrial and information society. It is crystal clear that the science and technology will be remarkably developed in 21st century. In addition, the earth- and human-friendly technologies are demanded reflecting emerging problems in social systems such as resources, energy and global environment. Hence, efforts are needed to make mechanical systems smart, highly integrated and of less energy consumption. For this purpose, ultra miniaturization of conventional technologies has a great importance and state of the art micro-nano system technology promises revolutionary advancements. Considering importance of those requirements, Nagoya University has established department of micro-system engineering in graduate school in 1984. To adapt with new technologies, this department was reorganized within ten years and renamed as department of micro-nano system in 2004.

Leading in micro-nano technology to support 21st century.