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Aerospace Micro-Nano Engineering Group / Inamori Lab.

Aerospace Micro-Nano Engineering Group
Department of Micro-Nano Systems Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering Nagoya University

Web site

Japanese http://nanosat.nuae.nagoya-u.ac.jp/index.html
English http://nanosat.nuae.nagoya-u.ac.jp/index_en.html


Senior Assistant Prof. Takaya Inamori

Tel +81-52-789-5431
Fax +81-52-789-3111
Email inamori"at'nuae.nagoy a-u.ac.jp

Overview of our laboratory

Space systems that can be achieved only by small satellites.

To take advantage of small sized space systems, these systems should acquire unique abilities by focusing on phenomena which are more effective for smaller satellites. Additional advantages can be gained by the additional use of various resources and other things found in its orbital environment. Our research group recognizes that a smaller sized satellite is more affected by its environment. Additionally, it considers the use of these environments, to achieve higher performance with smaller system resources to be useful. Furthermore, space applications with these high performance bus systems are studied, by taking advantage of the unique abilities of these small spacecraft.

Research topics

Attitude and orbit control system by the use of space environment.

In our research, we continue to expand the abilities and applications of small spacecraft, while considering the space environments that more easily affect smaller sized spacecraft, specifically environmental outer magnetic fields and space plasma. We focus on attitude and orbit control for small spacecraft to expand the abilities and applications. Except for attitude orbit control systems, our interest lies on C&DH, thermal, communication subsystems, space system designs, and their applications. We also try to find chances for in-orbit demonstrations for the benefit of proposing space systems.