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Computational Solid Mechanics Group (Adjunct)Computational Solid Mechanics Research Group

Mechanical Properties of Solids at Nano-, Micro- and Macro-Scales

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Complex microstructures in solids, such as metals, composites and cellular solids, affect their mechanical properties. We aim to develop material models and multiscale theories that combine microscopic mechanical behaviors with macroscopic properties. Computational methods to utilize the models and theories are also developed to analyze various engineering problems.

Computational Solid Mechanics Group
Crystal plasticity finite element analysis and molecular dynamics simulation of polycrystals

◆Development of homogenization methods for periodic materials
◆Development of inelastic constitutive models based on micromechanics
◆Implementation of inelastic constitutive models in finite element methods
◆Plastic size effect analysis using discrete dislocation plasticity approaches
◆Computational atomic-scale solid mechanics using molecular dynamics methods

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