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Research Projects

 Our Center promotes basic researches and applied researches as follows.
y Basic research z
  (1) Nano control engineering (Control in nano-region)
Manipulation and motion control of molecules, biological cells, and living tissues
  (2) Nano measurement engineering (Measurement in nano-region)
Developments of sensing technologies for atoms, molecules, and biological cells
Characterization of mechanical properties of biological objects
  (3) Nano design and manufacturing (Design and production in nano-region)
Developments of ultra precision machining and MEMS fabrication for producing micro-nano devices
  (4) Nano materials science
Developments of nano materials and thin-film, and characterization of these materials

y Applied research z
Our Center conducts applied researches encompassing all these basic research fields to attend to the needs of the advanced technologies, such as medical engineering, and also promotes the innovative researches for micro-nano mechtronics.
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