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From The Director

Founding director
Toshio FUKUDA 

Fumihito ARAI 

 Micro and nanotechnology has become very important in creating innovative technologies in the fields of ultra high precision mechatronics technology, information technology, bio-medical technology and energy/environmental technology, which are expected to lead the 21st century industrial revolution. Since Nanotechnology holds a leading position in the advance of mechanical engineering, material sciences, life sciences, and electronics, we established "Center for Micro-nano Mechatronics" at Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University in 2008 with the aim of applying nanotechnology to practical systems in micro-nano scale from a system approach viewpoint.
 Now as leading center in the world for system approach, we promote researches in four basic fields, Nano control engineering, Nano measurement engineering, Nano design and manufacturing, and Nano materials science and conduct an applied research encompassing all these basic research fields to attend to the needs of the advanced medical engineering. We also lead the innovative research field of micro-nano mechtronics and promote the collaborative researches between industry and our center.
 We are devoted to create environmentally friendly materials and machines with novel functions and are committed to establish analysis and design technology for them by emphasizing the micro/nano world.
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