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Ultraprecision Engineering Group

Ultraprecision Engineering Technology ? from micro machining to production systems ?

  • Prof. Eiji Shamoto
  • Assoc. Prof. Norikazu Suzuki
  • Assist. Prof. Takehiro Hayasaka

The aim of our research group is to create new precision engineering technologies, related to ultraprecision machining, precision machine elements, precision motion control and production systems. By conducting original idea creation, ultraprecision experiments and advanced analyses, we contribute to the development of novel technology and its practical applications.

Ultraprecision Engineering Group
The World's First Ultraprecision Nano Sculpturing on Hardened Steel
(Nano structures are fabricated by utilizing "Elliptical vibration cutting technology")

◆Ultraprecision micro/nano machining by utilizing "Elliptical Vibration Cutting Technology"
◆Development of non-contact bearing systems based on new principles
◆Cutting process control with grooved tools and chip-pulling turning
◆Chatter analysis and suppression in cutting process
◆Production systems based on new scheduling theories

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