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Manufacturing Process Group

Creation and evaluation of functional novel surface for future mechanical systems

  • Prof. Noritsugu Umehara
  • Assist. Prof. Motoyuki Murashima

In mechanical manufacturing, surface is created together with shape. A mechanical element has a lot of surfaces, each of which has functionalities depending on its surface properties such as surface roughness and surface free energy. We are trying to develop a new method to create functional surfaces by using removal, deformation, adhering processing. A new method required to evaluate the created functional surfaces is also developed.

Manufacturing Process Group

◆Creation and evaluation of ultra-low friction CNx coatings
◆Development of a radio knife suppressing the adhesion of coagulated blood
◆Development of silicone oil-free syringe for medical use
◆Clarification of wear mechanism of diamond-like carbon (DLC) under repeated impact load
◆Internal plasma coating for mm-sized narrow metal tube / ultra-high-speed coating of DLC employing microwave-excited high-density near plasma

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