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Biomechanics Group

Elucidation and modeling of mechanical properties of biological tissues and organs, and Creation of new technology to pursue human health, safety, and comfort

  • Prof. Takeo Matsumoto
  • Assoc. Prof. Kohei Murase
  • Assist. Prof. Eijiro Maeda

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To contribute to fulfilling human life with health, safety, and comfort, we model mechanical properties of biological tissues and organs, and perform computational biomechanical simulations concerning function and injury of biological tissues and organs.

Biomechanics Group
Simulations of hip fracture

◆Modeling of mechanical properties of hard tissues
◆Modeling of mechanical properties of soft tissues
◆Computational simulations for the understandings of orthopedics biomechanics such as hip fracture and degenerative hip disease
◆Standardization of evaluation test methods for hip protectors

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