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To those thinking of joining us, ASI


We have started the academy for safety intelligence (ASI) in 2008 to create the interdisciplinary framework of safety intelligence for the sustainable society and research of human-assistive machines.

・2015.2 Yohei Kushida received "The 15th SICE System Integration Division Conference (SI 2014) Presentation Award".
・2015.1 Shintaro Matsui presented "Proposal of Non-Flying-Type MEID Mechanism and Its Application to Lunar/Planetary Exploration Spacecraft Landing Gear" at the 15th Space Science Symposium, (Sagamihara).
・2014.12 Yohei Kushida presented "Consideration of Momentum Exchange of 2-Mass-Spring-System Which Is Separated by External Input" at the 15th SICE System Integration Division Annual Conference, (Tokyo).
・2014.12 Naomi YAMADA presented "Similarities and Differences in Manual Stretching of Physical Therapists for Equinovarus" at the 15th SICE System Integration Division Annual Conference, (Tokyo).
・2014.12 Ikuma Higo presented "Analysis of Recovery Motion of Human to Prevent Fall in Response to Abnormality with a Physical Assistant Robot" at ROBIO 2014, (Bali, Indonesia).
・2014.11 Associate Prof. HARA presented "Overshoot/Undershoot Prevention for Final-State Control" at the 2014 CACS International Automatic Control Conference (CACS 2014), (Kaohsiung, Taiwan). (This work was mainly done by Mr. Fu-Long Chang, JUACEP 2014 Summer Program Student.)
・2014.11 Assistant Prof. OKAMOTO, Hikaru NAGANO, Akihiro IMAIZUMI, and Hiroshi OKUMURA presented "Wearable Simulator for Knee/Ankle Joint Disorders", "Illusion of Inertia by Vibration", and "Friction Percepts by Vibrotactile Stimulus" at Asia Haptics 2014, (Tsukuba).
・2014.11 Associate Prof. HARA lectured on "Research on Novel Landing Mechanisms for Their Implementation in Lunar/Planetary Exploration Spacecraft in the Near Future" at the 2014 Tokai District Dynamics and Control Seminar, DMC Division, JSME (Nagoya).
・2014.9 Naoaki Saeki presented "Application of Telescopic Gear to Lunar/Planetary Exploration Spacecraft with Base-Extension Separation Mechanism" at the 65th International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2014), (Toronto, Canada).
・2014.8 Associate Prof. HARA presented "Manual Motion Control for Connection and Cooperation of Plural Mechanical Systems" at the 12th International Conference on Motion and Vibration Control (MOVIC 2014), (Sapporo).
・2014.5 Associate Prof. HARA presented "Slope Landing of Lunar/Planetary Spacecraft Using Base-Extension Separation Landing Mechanism" at the 2014 JSME Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics, (Toyama).
・2014.5 Associate Prof. HARA presented "Tumble Prevention Control of Conveyed Objects for Climbing Over Steps of a Robust Power Assist System" at the 26th Symposium on Electromagnetics and Dynamics, (Morioka).
・2014.3 Kenta Suzuki (3rd Grade Undergraduate / Mechanical Systems Engineering Seminar Student) presented "Experiments of Climbing Over Steps of a Robust Power Assist System Taking Account of Tumble Prevention of Conveyed Objects" at the JSME Tokai Branch 63rd Annual Meeting, (Nagoya).
・2014.3 Takahito Yoshiura presented "Proposal of Updating Final-State Control and Its Application to a Connection Control Problem" at The 13th IEEE International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control (AMC 2014), (Yokohama).
・2014.3 Takahito Yoshiura received "The 14th SICE System Integration Division Conference (SI 2013) Presentation Award".
・2014.2 Associate Prof. HARA presented "Application of Momentum-Exchange-Impact-Damper to a Horizontal Collision Problem" at the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (IEEE-ICIT 2014), (Busan, Korea). (This work was mainly done by Mr. Zhenyu GAN, JUACEP 2013 Summer Program Student.)
・2014.1 Ryo Ishikawa presented "Two-Dimensional Simulation of Lunar/Planetary Exploration Spacecraft Landing Mechanism Using BESM" at the 14th Space Science Symposium, (Sagamihara).
・2013.12 Takahito Yoshiura presented "Control System Design Method for Connection of Plural Mechanical Systems Taking Account of Tumbling of Conveyed Objects" at the 14th SICE System Integration Division Annual Conference, (Kobe).
・2013.11 Yohei Kushida presented "Shock Response Control Using a MEID Mechanism -Consideration of a Multi-legged Landing Gear System-" at the 56th Japan Joint Automatic Control Conference, (Niigata).
・2013.10 Tsubasa Watanabe presented "Landing Response Control of a Planetary Exploration Spacecraft by Means of Double-Axes Analysis and Plural MEIDs " at the 57th Space Sciences and Technology Conference (57th SSTC), (Yonago).
・2013.9 Tsubasa Watanabe presented "Application of Plural Momentum Exchange Impact Dampers to Landing Gear Systems" at the 64th International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2013), (Beijing, China).
・2013.9 Takahito Yoshiura and Hiroshi Okumura presented "Manual Motion Control Realizing Invariant Maneuverability for a Connected Mechanical System Permitting Configuration Variation" and "Wearable Dummy to Simulate Equinovarus for Training of Physical Therapists" at SICE Annual Conference (SICE 2013), (Nagoya), respectively.